Corporate Event Catering

Corporate Event Catering in Atlanta GA

Great-tasting food and professional staff, served on time!

Our corporate catering is extensive and can accommodate your every need, from early morning continental breakfasts to late evening hors d’oeuvres. The corporate menu items are typically ordered Monday through Friday but can certainly be ordered on weekends as well. However, a minimum purchase is required for weekend delivery.

Our meals can be ordered and customized to meet all corporate needs.

Our Corporate Buffet  may include either disposable chafing dishes and sterno or attractive insulated boxes. If chafing dishes are used, our staff will set up the chafing dishes, light the sterno, and have the food ready to serve to your guests! (This set-up requires an additional set-up time and thus an additional charge.)  If you choose the insulated boxes, our staff will set up your buffet.  All your staff has to do is take the lids off the boxes in order to serve your meal.  Black styrofoam plates, eco cups, and plastic utensils are used as a standard.  However,  you may upgrade to clear plastic plates and utensils, “Real-ware” plates and utensils, Eco plates, or compostable Bamblu (very attractive and sturdy palm leaf plates, napkins, and utensils).

Figs and Honey can also accommodate your need for servers, if desired. Additionally, linens, china plates, glassware, and silver chaffing dishes are available at an added charge.

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