Tiny Bistro Menu

TINY Bistro is NOT open at the moment.  However, our catering side of the shop is open.  If you are in the office, you can call ahead for lunch-and-learn opportunities.  We have both cold (sandwich/salad) and HOT entree options available.  You must order at least 24 hours in advance.


In addition, we have meals-to-go options that are available for home delivery.  Check out this link for those meals:  https://www.figsandhoneycatering.com/online-ordering-for-meals-to-go/


Call us at 404.745.9561 or email Debbie at dstawski@figsandhoneycatering.com to place an order for your office, or check out the link above to place meals to go orders for delivery to your doorstep!