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Welcome to Figs & Honey

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If our busy holiday season was any indication, every employee in Atlanta was made to feel special at some point in time during November and December, through either a special luncheon or a holiday party!

Folks (rightly) feel generous during the holidays and want to express their thanks in a tangible way (and I’m sure the recipients appreciated it).  But these same employees are still working hard and shouldn’t have to wait until November or December of 2016 for a pat on the back.

Pat these folks on the back periodically.  Buy them lunch, or treat them to an after-hours cocktail party, to show that you notice their hard work.  Don’t have time to plan something special for your staff?  Call us at 404-745-9561.  We’ll do the work for you.

(And, although the Winter holidays are behind us, if you need a holiday as an excuse to celebrate, February – and Valentine’s Day – is just around the corner; March has St. Patrick’s Day; April has Easter…  The list goes on.)

Check out our “spring menu” under the Seasonal Menu tab.  You’ll find some wonderful new dishes to try this spring.

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