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Current Safety Practices: What Figs and Honey is doing to protect against the spread of COVID-19

In Our Kitchen

  • Employees must stay home if they are sick or showing even the mildest symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All ServeSafe guidelines are followed in preparation and in handling food.
  • A ServeSafe Manager is on site during food preparation.
  • Regular housekeeping practices, including routine cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment, and other elements of the work environment are performed. Cleaning chemicals that kill viruses are used. Manufacturer’s instructions for use of all cleaning and disinfection products (e.g., concentration, application method and contact time, PPE) are used.
  • The work environment promotes personal hygiene. No-touch trash cans, hand soap, alcohol-based hand rubs or sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol, disinfectants, and disposable towels for workers to clean their work surfaces are used.
  • Regular handwashing is required. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available upon entry into the building.
  • PPE gloves are provided. Masks and face shields are available to any employee who chooses to wear them.
  • Customers’ and the public’s access to the worksite is restricted.
  • Workstations are separated by at least 6 feet allowing employees to maintain distance from one another.


  • Our employees will deliver, set-up and serve your food.
  • Employees will wear masks while in your building (if requested) and wash/disinfect hands and wear gloves when serving food.
  • Individual meals (hot or cold) are available (no sharing of anything!)
  • Served buffet also available, using CDC guidelines.

Cancellation/Change Policy

Cancellations for Corporate clients made must be made at least 72 hours in advance (3 business days).  Special Event menus may require additional advance notice of cancellation.

We make every effort to make changes for our corporate clients as they are requested.  However, with the supply chain issues that currently exist, we are not able to make changes that are requested within 24 hours of the event.

Changes for larger events (such as weddings) are discussed individually with clients upon confirmation of the event.  A date is typically set 3 weeks prior to the event for final numbers to be determined.

Cancellations made within the cancellation window are subject to charge. This charge is typically 50% of the food and beverage charge on your invoice. If the food for your event has already been prepared, the full food charge will be billed.

In the event of an Act of God (remember Snowgeddon?), we will work together to make the best decision BEFORE your event. Many times, cancellation is the only option for safety reasons (both your guests and our staff). Typically, this decision can be made outside of the 72-hour cancellation requirement. When advisory weather is announced and you cancel outside the 72-hour window, there will be no charges. If you choose NOT to cancel your event outside the 72-hour window, you will be charged for food and beverages.

Minimums/Dates of Closure

Figs and Honey Catering is not open on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. However, we can prepare food prior to that day for you to heat and serve for your guests. We can even use your dishes (if you deliver them to us prior to the event).

We require a minimum of 10 guests for a delivery order for meals on weekdays. Weekend minimums are $750.00 for food and beverage charges.