About Figs & Honey Catering

Figs & Honey Catering business cards

Figs & Honey Catering has been providing personalized catering services to Atlanta and surrounding areas for over 19 years. As a family owned and operated business our goal has always been to provide extraordinary occasions for all our clients. We are pleased to work closely with you to design experiences which reflect your tastes and preferences in all aspects of your special event. From crafting a unique food experience to curating specialty drinks to creating the service experience you are most comfortable with in your home or business we  work with you to accommodate your needs and goals. 


From our first conversation to the moment we kiss you farewell at the end of your event our goal is to make this experience easy and fun for you. You have enough to worry about, let’s take the food out of the equation. We got you. From first contact all those pesky details – figuring out what you need as far as menu, quantity, packaging, service – Debbie knows this stuff and she is literally sitting by the phone.  Fantastic food prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff is watched over by Ross from the ingredients coming in the door all the way to watching the packing as we prepare to bring it to you. Do you want drop off or service? Either way our service staff is going to make sure everything is exactly how you need it to be. We have the masks and the gloves for the job. Whether we see you for 10 minutes while we hand your food over to you or we spend the next 8 hours with you, we are bonded to you now. 


We have helped with dinner parties for ten people. We have dropped off boxed lunches for six hundred. We have walked the birthday boy at a dog’s birthday party for forty (people). We are delivering to first responders whether at fire stations or any of the hospitals in town. We have helped a bride explain to her grandmother that a champagne only toast wasn’t necessary without grandma ever knowing it was really about the cost. 


We can make this a remarkable experience for you and yours.