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3 Ways to Welcome Your Employees Back to Work

With mask mandates and Covid-19 restrictions slowly lifting, many employers feel it’s safe to get their staff back in the office. After a few years of working from home, there is bound to be an adjustment period for you and your employees. Having a plan set in place to provide an easy transition into the office is a great way to make everyone feel more comfortable and prepared for the change.

Here are three ways to welcome your employees back to work!


Be Flexible with Time and Scheduling

In the first few weeks and months back in the office, it’s important to be flexible with time management and scheduling needs. Not everyone will have a seamless transition back to the 9-to-5 office grind. You may have several parents who need to spend extra time taking care of their children while setting up daycare services, or some employees may want to practice a hybrid schedule where they work from home some days and come to the office on other days. Whatever the situation, it is important to be open-minded and work with your employees on their preferences to increase productivity and form a better workplace culture.

Plan a Meet-and-Great

You have likely added a few new employees to your team throughout the pandemic. Host a meet-and-greet on the first couple of days back in the office and allow everyone to meet each other in person. Not only is this great for team morale, but it also helps new hires feel more accepted and comfortable in the office.

Provide Meals

While working from home, many employees get used to making their own meals for breakfast and lunch throughout the workday. Coming back to the office means putting in the extra time to prepare meals for work or spending money on takeout. Having meals supplied to your staff as they readjust back into the office life is not only more convenient, but it keeps your office safe from food delivery drivers who could expose your employees to Covid-19.

At Figs & Honey Catering, we understand the challenges you face as an employer to make an easy transition back into the office for you and your employees. That is why we now offer delivery of individual hot meals for you and your staff. You can order meals for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. All boxes are individually sealed, packed with pre-wrapped cutlery kits, and labeled to indicate the box’s contents. We cater to different dietary needs and have various menu options to choose from.

Everyone at Figs and Honey observes all CDC and ServeSafe procedures to ensure your food’s safety. We can set the food out for you to allow your staff to come by and pick up the meals or leave the meals with your staff to deliver within the office.

Give us a call at (404)745-9561 to learn more about our meal services and place an order for your office today!

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