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Guys, Ready to Pop the Question?

Guys, I'm guessing this is your first attempt at purchasing an engagement ring.  What is most important?  Is it size, color, clarity, type of stone???  You want the perfect ring before you Pop the Question.  You've begun the search for your lady's perfect stone and are totally overwhelmed by the …

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February COVID Blues

Depending on the day you look at the news, the COVID numbers are either going up or going down.  Today’s news was excellent!  Numbers are way below the numbers earlier in January.  But will they stay that way?  Can you make plans to return to “normal” activities any time soon? It …

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Virtual Party Ideas for this Season

Virtual??  Sure.  Why not?  The ideas in the link below are a far cry from the typical Zoom or Messenger meeting.  These are fun!  And a great way to celebrate the end (hopefully) of the COVID-no-socializing season. COVID?!?  Yea…augghh.  Everyone is tired of staying in.  Socializing is at (almost) a standstill. This …

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Returning To The Office? Not Sure How to Provide Lunch?

As you report back to work, your concerns about what to eat while at work can be solved with a call to Figs and Honey Catering. We offer delivery of INDIVIDUAL hot meals for you and your staff. You may order for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  We can even provide an …

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Celebrating Easter during the Pandemic

Boy, if I had only known a month ago, what I know now, I would never have written the last blog on how to enjoy catering during the COVID scare! We know now that social distancing in NECESSARY in order to fight this virus – to lower the curve – to …

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