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Five Reasons Why Every Couple Should Hire a Wedding Planner

On a budget? You’re probably thinking of forgoing a wedding planner. But before you start planning a wedding all by yourself, consider a few reasons why you might want to employ their help.

No one beats a professional

You may have a knack for planning parties, have a Pinterest board chock-full of wedding decor ideas, or even know someone involved in event planning, but nothing can compare to an actual wedding planner. It’s not their job to simply make your venue looked decked to the nines, a wedding planner is your organizational guide, your sanity protector, your day-of point of contact, and so much more. They do all of this to make sure your day goes according to plan.

They make it all easy to understand

A wedding planner wants you to feel that everything is being handled appropriately and in a timely manner. For that reason, most will provide you with online documents that include a planning and booking timeline, a checklist, reminders, and instructions on various ceremonial traditions and etiquettes. This way, you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands, whether you choose to be very involved in the planning process, or need a breather from it all.

There are arrangements for every budget

While you’ll get the most assistance from a full-service wedding planner, brides adhering to a tight budget can also consider hiring a day-of coordinator. This means you’ll have to take on the research and reaching out duties yourself, while the day-of coordinator will work with the vendors you’ve selected to make sure your big day goes smoothly. Either service will prove beneficial in making your wedding a success, but if you’re looking to expand upon the services your planner is capable of, consider ways you can augment your budget. Some may find it easier to find additional resources by utilizing a user-friendly banking app that can expedite savings in a pinch. Additional resources will allow your planner to take on a larger role, so that you can focus more on enjoying your big day!

There are so many venues and vendors to choose from

When it comes time book a venue and vendor, you might feel overwhelmed by how many options there are. After all, you probably have a million other things on your plate to research and call about. A wedding planner makes your life easy by narrowing down your list to make sure you book the best venue, and the best vendor for your catering needs (take Figs & Honey for example). As an added bonus, some planners have a network of pre-established relationships with vendors, so you might even get a cheaper rate than the typical market price.

Nothing will get left behind

Your wedding will be followed by perhaps the best party you’ve ever attended: your reception. You are, after all, the guest, or in this case, the host of honor. Naturally, you’ll want to enjoy it to the fullest by eating, drinking, and dancing the night away. Probably the last thing on your mind at the end of the night is what things need to come home. For this reason, it’s easy to leave gifts or any items that’ll help commemorate the occasion at the party. But with a wedding planner, you can leave the venue knowing nothing of value will get left behind.

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