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Gift Ideas We Love for Your Wedding Party!

Gift Ideas We Love For Your Wedding Party


After getting engaged, there’s so much planning to be done! One of the first things you can check off your list is choosing your wedding party. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will help you every step of the way when it comes to planning, asking them as soon as possible will help alleviate some wedding-related stress! If you want to be on-trend, then giving your bridesmaids and groomsmen a ‘proposal’ gift is the perfect way to set the mood for your big day. Here are a few gift ideas for when you’re ready to pop the question to your wedding party!


For the whole wedding party:


Firstly, it’s important to include a handwritten note or thank you card in the gift. This is the perfect opportunity to ask the question: “Will you be in my wedding?” Plus, you can take the time to thank each person for their friendship and explain why they are an essential part of your special day.


If you want to set the tone of your dream wedding right from start, then consider the theme you’re planning to inspire these gifts. If you plan to hit the beaches of a tropical destination with your friends and family, then maybe give your gift a fun, floral flair. Consider gifting your friends a tote bag stuffed with things that are perfect for a week at the beach! Having trouble decided what to put inside? Here are some ideas:

This gift will get your friends so excited for some time away and, of course, the wedding!


Whatever the wedding theme may be; if you’re a movie buff (we’re looking at you, Harry Potter fans) or if you even know your dream wedding colors… Get your wedding festivities started by coordinating these gifts with your theme!


For your bride tribe:


If you don’t have the theme of your wedding set in stone (that’s okay, you just got engaged) and need a gift that’s sure to please, then this will be perfect for every future bridesmaid in your wedding. Start with a photo frame! This is easy, frugal and always a sweet gesture. Pick out a hilarious picture from your teenage years or a gorgeous, recent photo of the two of you. Then, add to it a simple and elegant jewelry set for your bridesmaids. Giving something simple ensures every girl will want to wear this on special occasions again and again. Plus, this can even double as the jewelry worn on your wedding day!


For the groom’s crew:


If you want to get the party started for you and your guys right now then consider wrapping up some wedding-ready gifts in a sleek wooden box to ensure this gift looks classy for your group of party animals.

In addition to the card asking your friends and family to stand by you on your wedding day, fill the box with a cigar and cigar clip and a crystal whiskey glass. These gifts can be enjoyed on your wedding or even during the bachelor party. This classy gift is sure to get your guys excited for the wedding festivities!


Asking your best friends and family members to be in your wedding is an easy first step in the wedding planning process. Once you have your bridesmaids and groomsmen chosen, they can help with the planning as well! Set the tone for the next few months of festivities by popping the question with one of these awesome gift ideas and get to planning!!


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