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Holiday Catering

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September in Atlanta is HOT and muggy.  We’ve had a record 72 days above 90 degrees this year and September isn’t starting off any cooler!   So why does the title state, “Holiday Catering” when holidays are during the cool fall and winter months and we are still sweltering in Atlanta?  Because the Holidays ARE just around the corner.  The year is flying by and plans must be made in advance when planning and booking a holiday party.  (We already have several confirmations on the book for this years’ parties!)

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks for all of the wonderful people in your life.  This may be your “home family” or your “work family.”  We can cater for either.

If you generally have a large crowd at your house for the holidays, you know how much time you spend preparing, cooking, serving and cleaning for your guests.  That leaves very little time for you to enjoy your family and friends!  Why not let someone else do the work this year?  Figs and Honey Catering has a wonderful Holiday menu, with several options to choose from.  We can provide everything that you need to make your “homecoming” special.  We can even prepare the food in your oven-safe cookwear if you would like (no need for folks to know that you weren’t up all night cooking…that you just picked up the phone and “wallah” the food appeared).  If you need food for several days, we can prepare and freeze several meals for you.  All you need to do is take the food out of the freezer, allow it to come to room temperature, pop the pan in the oven, then serve with a smile!  Home cooking …just like you would make – if you just had the time – from the freezer to your table!  Whether you need a breakfast spead, a brunch menu, hot lunch, hors d’oeuvres or a special dinner for your guests, you can count on Figs and Honey to make each option special.  We are not open on Thanksgiving Day (we want our employees to have the time to spend with their family and friends!), but we can prepare the food for you (on Wednesday) for you to heat and serve on Thanksgiving Day.  Everything you will need will be included (even directions!).

Thanksgiving in the work place is the beginning of a special time of year.  Employees are “thankful” for the opportunity to work in such a great company.  Bosses are thankful for their great employees.  Customers are thankful for great service from your company.  This warm feeling begins at Thanksgiving and extends through the New Year.  Whether you are a customer, employee or boss, now is the time to demonstrate some of that “thankfulness” by providing an unexpectedly gracious Thanksgiving meal at your work place.  Most businesses allow time for employees to spend time with their families on Thanksgiving, so have their “business Thanksgiving meal” earlier in the month.  We can provide a wonderful meal (complete with an assortment of seasonal pies) for your staff.  If you would like the “royal treatment” for you folks, we can provide service as well.  Our Holiday Menu provides some great options …of course the traditional turkey meal , but also some non-turkey options (just in case you think folks will not want to eat turkey at work and at home!).

Give Figs and Honey a call at 404-745-9561 to reserve a date for your holiday party now!  Ask for Debbie. She is an expert at pulling together the right menu items for you!

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