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How to Make Your Fourth of July Party the Place to Be

What better occasion to throw a party than the birth of America? That must be the national consensus, because everyone knows that some of the biggest parties of the year happen on our Independence Day. A lot of us even juggle several invitations to different events for the Fourth, and we’re left either making the rounds or narrowing it down to the best option.

So how do you make your 4th of July party the hot spot of the summer and not just another stop along the way? Check out a few of the creative ways we’ve come up with to do that!

How to Make Your Fourth of July Party the Place to Be

Make it Festive

A little tired of seeing those tacky red, white and blue streamers and banners every year that make you feel like you walked down a Party City aisle? Yeah, us too. Make your July 4th celebration stand out with some unique decorating to draw the eye of your guests and keep it there!

Come up with different ways to splash some patriotic color throughout your event. Try a table centerpiece comprised of a simple glass vase with some red white and blue flowers; or bust out the shears and make some subtle but stunning flower arrangements.

You can spread out some balloons and star-shaped candles to keep a nationalistic feel without shoving it down your partygoers’ throats. Don’t ditch the red, white and blue table cloths, but maybe choose ones with some unique, geometric patterns to keep things fresh.

If you’re feeling really creative, you can even spray paint some red, white and blue stars or flags onto your lawn! With innovative patriotic embellishments, you’ll keep your party festive without making your guests feel like they’re in a 4th of July themed sitcom episode.

Keep it Fun

If you really want to entice your friends, you should have some fun activity options available to them. Every 4th of July party is going to have fireworks, sparklers, firecrackers, etc., so those are a given once the sun goes down. But what about the rest of the day?!

Challenge your guests with a cool treasure hunt, and maybe even a little prize at the end! If it’s a family party, it’ll be a great for keeping the kids busy and the adults relaxed. Celebrating with just your friends? Make a little boozy goodie bag to hide where X marks the spot! Or you could even test your guests’ knowledge with a little American History trivia. Make ‘em work for it!

Did you luck out with a gorgeous summer day? Fill up some water balloons and take cover! Or buy some mini-American flags and play a fun game of capture the (American) flag. Summer parties don’t have to mean just tossing a football or playing cornhole—although those are always reliable options—don’t be afraid to add a little more spark to your party’s agenda!

Serve a Mouth-Watering Meal

I think we can all agree that the most exciting aspect of any summer party is the food. Providing a killer meal for your guests is essential, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Hire a caterer so you can focus on making the rest of your party a blast!

Want something easy and casual? Try some grab-and-go options that allow everybody to eat at their leisure. Set out some delicious sandwiches or wraps on those red, white and blue table cloths so you can have a quick bite and get right back to that capture the flag game! Or fill your tables with some tasty appetizers to satiate your friends until it’s time for the big meal.

If the food is your main event, make it a sit-down dinner! Serve some delectable chicken or pork entrees; or fill your partygoers up with some pasta. Have your catering company serve the meal or set it up buffet style! You can even make it a theme—barbecue, Mexican, seafood—the possibilities are endless. There are many different ways to present a meal in a way that fits your party style.

Last, but not least, who could forget about the drinks? Help your guests chill out with a festive red, white and blue sangria or Piña Coladas—and of course you can never go wrong with Jell-O shots. Find a recipe for some patriotic punch to keep the kiddos hydrated; you could even freeze some star-shaped ice cubes to pop in the bowl! If making all of those drinks sounds like a lot of work don’t worry, we’ll cover all the mixers, garnish and even glassware for you!


If you take our advice and prepare your party with these inspiring and exciting ideas, you’re sure to have the party of the summer. Maybe you’ll even have to turn people away! But don’t worry, Figs and Honey Catering will make sure it’s never because you run out of food!

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