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Present Your Food like a Pro with These Secret Tips

Planning to host a dinner for your colleagues? You must be wondering how to show your culinary skills and make your food stand out just like home catering service providers. As it is known when food is put in front of people they first eat with their eyes. The dish that attracts them the most is the one they start having first. Therefore, the presentation of food in an appealing way is vital for creating the right impression. The look of a dish should be so appealing that it should excite the appetite of your guests.

Now, you don’t have to be a trained chef to ace the presentation. Following are some tips that you can use to nail the art of plating:

Set The Table Properly

Setting the table is often a hurried and last minute task. Your day to day meals might be free of all worries about the correct placement of the plates, napkins, and glassware. But, when the guests are coming over to your place, it’s nice to have knifes, plates, and forks in the right places.




Choose the Plates Carefully

Your crockery acts as the backdrop for your food. So, the plate should be chosen carefully. Try to add a contrast between the food and the plate. Use whitish plate for bold colors and dark plates for light colored foods. Also, use larger plates as you will have more space to present your food.




Arrange Food In Odd Numbers

Generally, things look strange in even numbers and more interesting when set in odd numbers. So, if you’re serving shrimps, scallops, or stuffed mushrooms, put three or five, not four or six.




Play With Textures And Colors

You can make the dish look more appealing by adding different textures to it. Even if you’re serving soup and sandwich, adding a green napkin can make it look really special. Something that is only crispy or soft doesn’t only look unappealing, but probably doesn’t taste nice either. Adding a whipped cream to savory dish or adding red pepper to a pesto dish would really look nice and enhance the flavors. You can also choose layering the food on top of each other for showing the texture of each item well and it will give the dish more depth.

Take Cues From The Nature

You should always create the food with passion, love, thought, and technique. But, when it comes to plating, do it with a light hand with directions from the nature. Your plate should reflect the seasons with contrasting colors that help in evoking emotions. In the end, keep the dish simple, and let the ingredients shine like stars.




By using micro herbs and edible flowers you can completely transform your dish. Aside from the taste, people eat food visually. So, it should look stunningly amazing, when served. You just need to keep proper balance of colors, textures, and flavors. Mix of all these things brings the plate to life.

The next time you plan for a large event that you cannot handle on your own; book yourself the best catering service provider.


Authors’ Bio:

Olivia Cote is a budding name in the catering industry in Derry, USA. She understands the prerequisites one needs in order to successfully provide custom menus that are event specific. She has gained quite some popularity in her catering services and earned a loyal clientele throughout Londonderry. Other than her passion for cooking, she is also a keen traveler. She likes to experience location specific cuisines which inspire her to experiment with her food menu. Her knowledge of the world is vast. As a friend, she can guide you to some of the most exquisite places around the globe. Do read her blogs where she shares her knowledge with the world.

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