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Three Overlooked Wedding Costs

It’s not exactly a secret that weddings are expensive. This year, the average cost of weddings in Atlanta Georgia is $28,659 with the average cost per guest being $205. Having a big wedding can become stressful, especially when forgotten wedding costs are overlooked. Before signing anything, it’s important to talk with vendors about all costs and fees associated with the service.

Here are five most common costs that many couples tend to overlook:Three Overlooked Wedding Costs

Postage stamps

This may seem like a small, simple task, however many people are shocked with the total amount they end up spending on postage stamps. Although it costs $0.49 to send a letter with first class mail through the US Postal Service, wedding invitations tend to cost more than that. Oversized, heavy or bulky and uniquely shaped invitations can cost you up to $2 each to mail.

Wedding dress alternations

Brides often know that they need to get alternations done, but the costs of getting intricate pieces altered are often unknown and vary depending on the dress. Typically, the cost is higher if there is a lot of beading and lace on the dress. Be sure to ask for a price list and an accurate estimate from a seamstress or tailor.

Welcome Bags

If you don’t have hotel room blocks filed with out-of-towners coming to the wedding, than you can skip this overlooked expense. However, if there are a lot of visitors staying in the same hotel for the wedding, welcome bags are a great gesture to show guests just how much you care, especially if they made travel arrangements to be there. Some hotels allow you to pass out free packages but in some instances, hotels charge a fee for holding the welcome bags once you drop them off before guests arrive, so ask about the hotels policy for receiving ng and delivering bags to guest rooms.

Weddings aren’t just expensive for the hosts. On average, it can cost over $1,000 to attend a wedding as well. Find out how here.

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