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Three Tips for Great Grad Party Catering

Grad Party Catering Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means? Outdoor gatherings, BBQs, beach parties, and much, much more. But for high school or college seniors, either in high school or college, summer means one huge thing: graduation! The books are down, the grades are in, and now, it’s time to party.

That’s where a great graduation party comes in. At Figs & Honey Catering, we’ve done countless graduation parties, from smaller occasions to bigger bashes. And that has taught us a few lessons when it comes to catering one. Here are three general rules to follow!

Have food at your grad party that can be taken on the go

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about grad parties, it’s that there are a lot of them. There are only a handful of weekends in the summer when people throw them, which means partygoers are likely going to at least two in one afternoon, or evening. With that being said, you’ll want to offer smaller plates and finger foods that everyone can enjoy without too much hassle.

But do keep in mind that there are usually family members and friends who will likely only attend that party, so reserve larger dishes for them.

Serve refreshing drinks at your grad party

Graduation parties usually happen between May and August, right? So that means that it’ll likely be pretty hot outside when you’re hosting one. Embrace the season with drinks that speak to the temperature, like lemonade, punch, or—if you are serving spirits to this crowd—mixed drinks on ice. You’ll want people to stay outside, without worrying! That always makes for the best party.

Make your grad party stress-free

The last thing the graduate will want to be on this special day is stressed. So, like any other event, show up with a game plan that was discussed beforehand. Know exactly what, where, and how everything’s being served that day. And don’t overdo it—this isn’t a wedding. People are there to celebrate!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be all set to host a successful, and fun, graduation party! If you need a catering service with extensive experience, keep Figs & Honey Catering in mind and contact us by calling 404-745-9561. We’ll be sure to make your party one to remember.

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