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February COVID Blues

Depending on the day you look at the news, the COVID numbers are either going up or going down.  Today’s news was excellent!  Numbers are way below the numbers earlier in January.  But will they stay that way?  Can you make plans to return to “normal” activities any time soon?

It is so hard to know how to act when the information received is conflicting from day to day and even from network to network.  Do I go to the office…or work from home? Should I send the kiddos to school…or keep them virtual?  Should I go out to eat…or order in?)

Figs and Honey can help in any of those situations.

Staying home, but tired of cooking?  Order meals to go from Figs and Honey.  Our individual or family style meals come ready to heat.  A few short minutes in the microwave (or oven) and your family can eat in style without leaving home.  You can take those “would be cooking” minutes to take a break – walk around the neighborhood, play with the dog, spend time with your kiddos…Our staff delivers (no third-party delivery folks) right to your front door.  Take a peek here to look at menu options for this week.  Our menu rotates weekly, so you will see new menu options each Wednesday.

Kiddos still in virtual school (at home…needing your help, wanting lunch, all while you are trying to work from home??…) and tired of eating PBJs?  Our children’s menu offers meals that your kiddos will love.  You can order several at one time and spread them out during the week to offer some variety…without having to stop work and slave over the stove to do so! With a few directions from you, the kiddos can heat these up themselves.  And clean-up is a breeze.

Back in the office, but not sure whether going out for lunch is the best option?  Figs and Honey can delivery to you, or to your entire office staff.  We have individual meal options that can be delivered to your office.  Our corporate menus are available for breakfast, lunch (for either sandwiches, salads and wraps or hot entrees. The packaging is for these meals “basic,” but the food divine!  Our chef prepares a variety of meals to choose from.  These meals arrive hot and ready to eat.

We can even “cater” the office evening social hour with individual hors d’oeuvres ,so you can meet and greet your co-workers with social distancing and good food!

Deal with your February COVID Blues today by calling today at 404.745.9561 to book your corporate needs.  Family February Blues can be solved by ordering online at Figs and Honey Meals to Go.

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