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Tips for Planning a Corporate Holiday Party

Corporate Catering The holidays are right around the corner, and with them come holiday parties! If you’ve been tasked with planning your corporate holiday party this year, there are a few things to keep in mind to make your event a success.

Here are our tips for planning a corporate holiday party:

Pick the right day of the week and time of day

Many businesses schedule their holiday parties for Friday and Saturday nights, but your employees may have other commitments, and venues tend to be more expensive. Consider a midweek fete or a lunchtime celebration to cut down on costs and allow for more people to attend.

Put on some tunes

Music will set the mood for your party. Make things festive by hiring a band or a DJ who will mix in some holiday tunes with songs people enjoy dancing to. Choose an entertainer who fits in with your company’s culture.

Consider a gift exchange

Setting a cap on gift price (like $10) and/or doing a white elephant exchange will keep things low-pressure.

Hire a good caterer

If there’s one thing people love about parties, it’s the food! Nix that potluck idea—your coworkers or employees have enough on their plates this time of year without having to whip up a casserole to bring to the office. Why not make things easier and more fun by hiring a caterer? If you’re in the Atlanta area, contact Figs & Honey Catering for delicious corporate catering at your next holiday party!

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