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Tips for Planning a Memorable Corporate Event

Memorable corporate events are the ones that create excitement, make people feel appreciated, and get talked about– in a good way–afterward.

If you’re planning a corporate event and you want it to be memorable, there are certain things you can do to make it so.

First, know your audience and plan accordingly. What kind of things do they like to hear, do, or taste? If you know your audience beforehand, you can hire the right band, provide the right games, and hire a caterer like Fig & Honey to delight their tastebuds.

Next, be a list maker. Your lists need to be detailed, covering everything that counts so you don’t forget anything before, during or after the event.

What’s the purpose of the event? How can you best communicate that purpose to attendees?

When planning events, you have to be flexible. Keep in mind what other events you might be competing with, such as a big football game on the same day or a time when too many people are out of state on vacation. Ask yourself “what if?” a lot, because what if more guests show up than you originally planned for, or what if it rains and you have no tent? What if the location goes out of business before your event day– where else could you have it?

Set goals for yourself and your event, and delegate responsibilities to team members, whether they’re paid or volunteer. You can’t do everything yourself!

As for budgeting, realize that events typically end up costing more than planned for, so pay attention to expenses and provide a “cushion” in case you need to go over budget for whatever reason(s).

In order to make an event memorable, you can promote it via an entertaining YouTube video, go on local radio or TV shows to talk it up, use Facebook and Twitter to publicize it, and give people incentives to attend. People love prizes–and free stuff–so let them know they have the chance to win stuff by attending the event. Perhaps hire a local celebrity or popular music band to make the atmosphere more exciting at your event.

Finally, in the Atlanta area, hire Figs & Honey Catering to take care of the food prep and service; call 404-745-9561 to discuss menu ideas today!

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